7 strategies for composing Better ACT and SAT Essays

7 strategies for composing Better ACT and SAT Essays

Concerned about the portion that is writing of ACT or SAT? It is possible to get ready by concentrating on a couple of fundamental techniques for essay writing.

Follow this set of ideas to make your test essay shine!

1) Write an essay that is longer it was shown that much longer essays tend to obtain greater ratings.


2) understand the topics you are going to write on – you will not have considerable time on test day to select a focus for the essay. Consequently, you need to go in to the test with a few “go-to” subjects currently at heart. As an example, To destroy a Mockingbird is a superb guide to publish about as the themes associated with the guide are highly relevant to essay that is almost any. Other publications that fit numerous essay that is different are: Lord for the Flies, the truly amazing Gatsby, while the Catcher into the Rye. You will need to get one subject from history this is certainly a “go-to” topic. For instance, i am aware a complete great deal about World War II, thus I will frequently compose a paragraph exactly how World War II pertains to the subject.

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3) to truly save time, compose an introduction that is brief a short summary – you simply have 25 moments to publish the essay. Invest most of the time composing your body paragraphs. That’s where you can expect to offer the primary point of specific examples to your essay.

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4) utilize a variety of phrase structures when you compose – that you don’t wish your essay to appear to be this:

The inescapable fact is that you need to act as effective every day. The truth is which you can not just just take life for given. One of the keys is always to understand that each time is a present.

The repeated framework of “the_ that is__ is ____” makes this passage embarrassing to learn. Varying sentence structures make your text significantly more readable:

The reality is that you have to act as effective every day. You cannot just just just take life for given. Rather, you have to understand that each time is something special.

5) stay glued to the subject – This seems apparent, but numerous students forget it. The essay subjects will be broad to make sure you do not require any knowledge that is specialized a particular topic to score high from the essay. Additionally, there is no need to publish in almost any specific style. For as long as you adhere to the subject, you can easily pick the tone you like best (persuasive, argumentative, humorous, etc.)

6) utilize a couple of interesting terms – Your essay does not have to be chock-full of long, complicated write my essay terms, nonetheless it need to have at the least a couple of. Use obstinate instead of stubborn, ambivalent in the place of uncertain, or disingenuous in the place of dishonest.

7) look out for spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure mistakes -If you’ve got one or two among these mistakes, it’s no deal that is big. However if you’ve got lots of, your rating may suffer.

ACT Writing vs. SAT Essay

Both the ACT and SAT provide an optional writing evaluation at the termination of every exam.

Nonetheless, the prompts and aim of this ACT Writing as well as the SAT Essay parts are very various.

ACT SAT that is writing
Length 40 minutes 50 minutes
Prompt A student is served with a quick paragraph of an appropriate social problem and three views regarding the subject. The pupil is instructed to take into account these views in terms of their very very own view then compose an essay that is persuasive. The subject will typically be one thing strongly related an adolescent – like the good qualities and cons of optimism versus pessimism. Students is served with an author’s persuasive essay (i.e., a supply document) and it is tasked with critiquing exactly how effective that writer was at persuading the viewers of their view. The pupil is expected to reference the author’s source document to critique its thinking, evidence, and effectiveness. The origin document will typically address a problem such as the environment, politics, art, or technology.
Scoring The ACT Writing score is supplied as one rating (from 2-12) according to on average two readers scoring that is four domain names: a few ideas and analysis, development and help, company, and make use of of language. The SAT Essay score is reported as three split ratings due to the fact amount of two visitors assessment that is three domain names: reading, analysis, and writing.
whenever are pupils effective pupils whom love to just just take a situation on an interest and help it with three paragraphs (one for every major reason) have a tendency to choose the ACT Writing style pupils whom feel at ease analyzing the model of a source document have a tendency to prefer the SAT Essay.

What’s the take home message?

Whilst the ACT Writing and SAT Essay parts are believed optional, many competitive schools will require that applicants just just take one. Pupils should check out the policies regarding the educational schools to which they’re likely to use. Our advice: pupils should err regarding the relative part of using these parts, merely to keep their options open. With reduced training, ratings can enhance drastically. Plus, pupils will see that understanding how to compose a cogent, well-reasoned essay can help them in their university years.

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